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SHITTTTTT: Mark Stoops Caught On Camera Saying Kentucky's Starting QB Is 'Done For The Year'

Welp, this sucks. This was the fear on Saturday night when Terry Wilson left the game on a cart.

It’s an absolute kick in the dick. I’m very firmly on team Terry Touchdown and loved what I saw these first two games from him. His long ball improved. He was putting passes exactly where he needed to and had some bad luck with receivers dropping passes against EMU. He then decided to get the run game going with some zone reads because that’s what he can do. He’s that dual threat guy that keeps defenses honest and in the box leaving his receivers with more space.

But, here’s the big kick in the dick. Kentucky snapped that 31-year losing streak against Florida last year because of Terry. He was AWESOME.

But now we have to adjust and you know what? As much as I love Terry Wilson and think he’d be a main reason Kentucky wins 9 games, we’re on to backing Sawyer Smith. He came over to Kentucky this year after a couple years at Troy. He’s more of your prototypical pro-style quarterback but can move around if needed.

We saw Stoops let Smith throw the ball around when he came in against EMU. The key is going to be building that chemistry with his WR’s in one week. His arm looked good, but missed on a couple throws where him and the WR were just off. Fix that and we’re all good this week. Florida now has to gameplan for a new QB and no idea what to expect for essentially a 2nd year in a row.

Let’s go fucking beat Florida.