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They Didn't Finish Building The Arena In Time For UFC In Abu Dhabi Today So There's No AC And It's A Billion Degrees

One of the talking points in the build to UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi was the fact that the structure it would be held in – “The Arena” – was being built solely for this event. Dana White even posted an Instagram video showcasing the construction earlier in the week…

…it’s a pretty cool watch, honestly, and the arena looks phenomenal! It seems there’s only one issue though…they forgot to install AC.

Everybody in the arena, which is only half full right now, is sweating their absolute asses off.

Fighters are saying they can’t breathe properly in the cage, coaches are appalled at the conditions, and I’m trying to do the math to figure out how this leads to a Khabib loss. Maybe Poirier is just gonna be slippery as fuck, and slide away from that mothafucka for five rounds? Hopefully Khabib will sweat so much from wearing the papakha during his walkout that he’ll enter the cage super dehydrated?! I sure hope so.

I’ll be on the Barstool Bets livestream with Glenny Balls for the majority of the main card starting at 3pm today, and we’ll be laying some cash down on the underdog Dustin Poirier at +300 odds in hopes that the Great Heat Bowl of 2019 leads us to a big ol’ victory. Tune in.