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Who Is Worse? The NY Post Or The Westboro Baptist Church?


So everybody is freaking out about the Westboro Baptist Church saying that they are coming to Boston to protest the funerals of people who died at the marathon. To be honest I hate myself for even mentioning them in this blog. I’m over those wackballs. This is their game. Just say outrageous shit to provoke people.  Then when people complain about them they retweet it and shit. Hell they said they were protesting before anybody even knew who died. They just want to be in the news. They want to be part of the story. But they never actually show up because they know they’ll get pummeled to death. That’s why I pay them no mind. They are just an off the reservation lunatic fringe who say the most outrageous shit possible to get a reaction out of people. But having said all that I think I still hate the NY Post more. Maybe I’m the last person on earth who knew this, but I was still under the impression the Post was somewhat reputable. Like I thought they still made an effort to tell the truth and get shit right. Apparently not? They just make shit up now with no rhyme or reason. They did it in the Newton Shootings and they did it again on Marathon Monday. Like how can they say 12 people were confirmed dead when that’s not even remotely close to the number? Just so people like me retweet them and get them clicks? Just for money? At least the Westboro Baptist people are just flat crazy. What’s the NY Post’s excuse?  Disgusting.