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Brian Moran Made His Major League Debut Last Night, After 10 Years In The Minors, And Struck Out His Brother

Last night Brian Moran made his major league debut after 10 long seasons grinding it out in the minors. Awesome stuff, but we see that all the time with guys getting their long awaited shot. What you don’t see very often is a guy make his pitching debut facing his brother as the hitter. In fact, it hasn’t happened in over a century.

I mean that’s like movie shit right there. Almost too much of a fairytale to be real. You see that in a movie and you’re like, “oh come on let’s be realistic here.” Nope, Brian Moran faced his brother in his major league debut and struck him out. Nasty stuff too. His brother Colin is no slouch either. He was the 6th overall pick back in 2013 by the Marlins and is currently having a breakout year for the Pirates. Not a bad guy to strikeout to start off your career.

So fucking cool. These two have probably faked this situation a million times growing up in their backyard. Last night it became real. Sports are awesome.

P.S. I think I’d call my brother every single morning if I struck him out just to remind him and make his life miserable