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Hugh Freeze Will Coach From A Dentist Chair This Weekend

The story that dominated Week 1 continues on. After being in a hospital bed during Liberty’s home opener:



Not recovered from his back surgery yet, Hugh will be coaching this weekend from a damn dentist chair:

SOURCE-According to Gabe DeArmond. Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze will travel to Lafayette, Louisiana and will coach the team from a dentist chair in the press box. We have been able to confirm this report.

“The University has purchased a medical chair that is being delivered to Louisiana and installed in the press box for him to use on game day,” Liberty Athletic Director Ian McCaw said. “As of this morning, he does intend to travel and be at the game to coach from the press box.”


Nice to know that Hugh or Liberty isn’t an anti-dentite. However, I think Hugh should throw that dentist chair on 4 wheels and coach from the sidelines. Time to put your balls on the damn table.