Thank God There's Playoff Lacrosse To Watch Tonight Because That Football Game Stunk: The Crease Dive's PLL Playoffs Round 1 Preview


The thing is that football and lacrosse aren’t competing sports. They’re played in different seasons. There’s plenty of crossover between football and lacrosse players (Jim Brown and Chris Hogan to name a few), and we all know that football is king in America. But the fact of the matter is that game last night sucked. It sucked so hard. It made Miami vs Florida look like a national championship game.

However, there’s some good news. And that news is that we get to wash that disgusting performance out of our memory tonight now that the first ever PLL playoffs are about to begin in Columbus. Archers vs Redwoods tonight at 7pm on NBCSN. I can guarantee you that we see more points out of both of these teams than we saw last night in Chicago. Tom Schreiber, Kyle Harrison, Marcus Holman, Jules Heningburg, Will Manny, Ryder Garnsey, Scott Ratliff, Garrett Epple. There’s star power all over the field tonight and then the weekend only gets better when we get Chaos and Whipsnakes in the 1 vs 2 game tomorrow night at 6. I guess Christmas came early this year. That naughty old elf must be one mean bastard to give us this so early.

So before all the action gets going tonight, make sure to download/subscribe/listen to this week’s episode of The Crease Dive. We talk about the regular season awards, breakdown the round 1 matchups for this weekend in Columbus and release our full bracket.

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Round 1 Schedule 

Quarterfinal Game 1: #4 Redwoods vs #3 Archers // Friday, 7pm // NBCSN

Regular Season Series (1-1): 

  • June 8: Archers 10 – Redwoods 9
  • July 6: Redwoods 9 – Archers 8
  • .

TCD’s Pick: Archers

Loser Bracket Game 1: #6 Chrome vs #5 Atlas // Saturday, 3pm // NBC Sports Gold

Regular Season Series (Atlas 2-0)

  • June 16: Atlas 13 – Chrome 12
  • August 17: Atlas 17 – Chrome 14
  • .

TCD’s Pick: Atlas

Quarterfinal Game 2: #2 Whipsnakes vs #1 Chaos // Saturday, 6pm // NBCSN

Regular Season Series (1-1)

  • June 1: Whipsnakes 15 – Chaos 14
  • July 27: Chaos 13 – Whipsnakes 12
  • .

TCD’s Pick: Whipsnakes

Just a friendly reminder of how the PLL Playoff Bracket works here. The winner of the first quarterfinal game between Archers and Redwoods advances to the semifinal to play against the loser of the 2nd quarterfinal game between Whipsnakes and Chaos. The winner of that 2nd quarterfinal game gets a bye straight to the championship on September 21. The loser of the #3 vs #4 game then drops down to the loser’s bracket to play for the 1st overall draft pick against the loser of Chrome vs Atlas, with the winner of that game getting a bye to play for the 1st overall pick on September 21. It’s confusing as fuck to explain but trust me when I say that it will all makes sense once it’s actually happening.

Now go out there and have yourselves a weekend, folks. I love you all. Even the haters.