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A Quick Word About Stoolie Donations For Victims


So naturally we’ve been flooded with emails suggesting that we raise money to help the victims of the yesterdays events. We are all for it. Because love us or hate us the Stoolies kick it into a different stratosphere when it comes to shit like this. However I feel like in situations like these there are always kneejerk reactions to do whatever you can which is great, but then you hear stories of the money not getting to the right people or caught in red tape. So I just wanted to make sure we identify the right cause for us to donate to first. For example I saw a ton of people yesterday saying to donate blood to the Red Cross even though the Red Cross was clearly saying they have enough. I have been paying attention to all charities that say they need help. Some seem sketchy, some seem legit. Personally I’d love to buy all terrain wheelchairs like the ones we got for Zach Parker for the people who had their legs amputated, but again I’m not sure the victims even want that. And I’m certainly not going to be the guy who tries to contact them 24 hours after this tragedy hit . Bottom line there will be plenty of time to raise money for worthy causes and the Stool will be front and center. I just want to know where it is going first and just saying it’s going towards the victims is too vague for me. Everything is still too fresh.  We just need time for the dust to settle so we can see what people are dealing with and what will be the best use of  our resources. We’re open to suggestions.