"We Knew If We Could Make Mitch Play Quarterback, That We’d Have a Chance" -Tramon Williams and The Packers Defense Humiliated Mitch Trubisky Last Night

Oh baby those are fightin’ words if I’ve ever seen ‘em. When your game plan is to get the quarterback to play quarterback that’s got to be a bad sign for the opponent. Just zero respect for 10 on Chicago and I love it. He doesn’t deserve any. He stinks.

There’s no love lost between the 2019 Bears and Packers. All the Packers heard this week and offseason was how good this Bears defense is. Don’t get me wrong, they’re ridiculous, but what was being slept on was how good this Packers defense can be. I know Packers and defense don’t usually belong in the same sentence, but 2019 is going to be different.

Now it’s one game and it’s Mitch Trubisky. I’m certainly not going to crown them this early, but those boys wanted Mitchy the QB and they got him. 26-45 228 yards 1 pick and a QBR of 18.5. Bears fans don’t want to admit this, but Mitch Trubisky is terrible. They will waste that defense for all it is with him at the helm. He won’t win you a game unless God intervenes and pulls off some Tebow-Steelers playoff magic. I mean he’s so bad at throwing to his left that he doesn’t even look that way when he drops back to throw. It’s comical.

Trubisky is terrible. We knew that. Bears fans knew that deep down. The Bears players themselves knew that. I’m sure real life bears in the wild got wind of this fact as well. But don’t kid yourselves, the Packers have themselves a defense.

They went out in the offseason and got them some men. Za’Darius Smith, my goodness gracious is he a problem for opposing teams. Preston Smith? He’s fantastic. Darnell Savage Jr. looked nothing like a rookie on Thursday night. He was EVERYWHERE. Adrian Amos? The Bears didn’t want to pay him. I was told by the Chicago boys that they wouldn’t miss him. Well nothing represents a giant middle finger to an organization like a game winning pick in the end zone.

Those guys were added to a defense that already had stars in Jaire Alexander, Blake Martinez, and Kenny Clark. Montravius Adams is going to have a bigger role this year. Maybe Kevin King will actually stay healthy. This defense is for real. Do we need to see it against a real competent quarterback? Sure, but the Bears have weapons on offense and those weapons were shutdown on Thursday Night Football (not really sure why David Montgomery was barely used but I’ll take it!)

1-0. Statement win. Offense will get better as they get more used to the scheme and don’t have to face Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, Leonard Floyd, and Akiem Hicks every down.

Go Pack Go.

Silver lining for depressed Bears fans: at least Mitch can chug some beers!