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The Craziest Play In Football Tonight Happened In College

Crazy play, can’t believe they didn’t make any of those tackles considering everyone on the team had a clean shot at him, blah blah blah. That’s really not the reason I’m here writing to you all on this fine evening.

Hey color commentator: have some sense for the moment, bud. This is one of the craziest kickoff returns for a touchdown I’ve ever seen. If I was blind and could only hear the game I’d have thought it was fielded cleanly and maybe knelt on in the endzone for a touchback. Is he announcing this game from Church? Is that why he had to be so quiet? Inexcusable effort level. The “Boom Goes The Dynamite” kid didn’t die an internet death for commentators to be bringing lackluster calls like this to the table in 2019.

PS – How are you gonna run for 80-yards just to get thrown like a javelin for seven? Coach was already going to make y’all rewatch this film a thousand times for the hundred missed tackles, now he’s going to run this on a loop for an additional thousand times.