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Amendola Pledges To Donate $100 For Every Caught Pass, And $200 For Every Drop, To The Victims Of The Boston Bombings



Nice to see Amendola thrusting himself into the Boston community. And this actually reminds me to mention how incredible Boston athletes have been in the last 24 hours. Following Middlebrooks and Lester and Victorino on Twitter has been great. I get so jacked up every time I see one of their tweets. Then you have Andruzzi carrying victims to safety. It’s really awesome to see.

I’ve always felt like Boston has a more special relationship with our athletes than other cities. I’m sure that’s biased because I live here but I do genuinely believe it. I feel like most athletes in Boston uniforms would be just as excited to have a beer with a fan as a fan would with him. The athletes understand how much this city cares about them and whenever they have the opportunity to give back they always do. Can’t say enough about them.


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