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Antonio Brown Allegedly Was Held Back By Vontaze Burfict Before Punting A Ball And Telling Mike Mayock "Fine Me For That"

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals

The Antonio Brown - Raiders soap opera continues.

Yesterday we saw Antonio Brown was fined for not showing up to practice:

And today, a suspension was announced:

The situation behind the encounter with Antonio Brown and Mike Mayock has been reported and you won't believe this, but it was dramatic:

I'd assume that the Hard Knocks cameras are gone at this point, but the fact that this was recorded is one of the greatest "what if" viral clips of all time. On top of all of this, the person holding back Antonio Brown? Vontaze Burfict:

I hate using the analogy "Hollywood couldn't have written it any better," but I truly don't think they could've written it any better. I'm just waiting on how Richie Incognito was involved in all of this.

Just to review Antonio Brown's summer:

-Demanded trade

-Fueded on IG with Juju Smith-Schuster

-Got frostbite from a cryo chamber

-Helmet was ruled illegal

-Held out from playing due to his helmet being ruled illegal

-Fined for not showing up for practice

-Posts letter he received for being fined on Twitter

-Gets into fight with Mike Mayock over being fined

-Threatens to hit the GM

-Punts football

-Suspended by Raiders