Today Is the Soft Launch of Barstool Bets (Free 1,000 Live Betting Contest on Bears Packers Tonight)

So today is the soft launch of  It’s a site for gamblers by gamblers that we’ve been working on for months.  It will have all our gambling content in one spot.  The crown jewel of the website is a new daily gambling game where you can win real money. Think daily fantasy except instead of picking a team you are betting on one game with live betting throughout.    Once the game starts you can literally place a zillion bets during the course of the game. Everybody gets 1000 points/dollars to start and whoever has the most points/dollars at the end of the game wins.  So it doesn’t make sense to bet it all on the Bears for example because lots of people will bet Bears first quarter and then continue to bet and build their bankroll throughout the game.   It starts tonight with the Bears Packers. First place is 1000 bucks. 2nd place is 500 and third is 100. Again this is a soft launch so don’t be surprised if there are some quirks or glitches tonight. Much more will be coming soon including bigger prize pools and more games.

Go to to play

If you have any questions or suggestions send them to or DM @barstoolbethelp