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Just A Friendly Reminder That The Only Reason The Patriots Aren't Playing Tonight Is Because Roger Goodell Is A Coward Who Is Afraid To Come To Foxboro


Listen I’m not going to sit here and pretend to do research, but here is what I do know as an indisputable fact. Since the NFL has started with the Thursday Night Opener it is always played at the defending Superbowl Champion’s house. It is a reward for winning the championship the year before. You raise the banner in front of the entire world. It’s a celebration of your city and your team. But for the first time ever the NFL Opener is not featuring the defending Superbowl Champs. It is not featuring the most important, dominant, newsworthy team in the history of the NFL. It is not featuring the greatest QB to ever play the game. It is not featuring the greatest coach of all time.


Simple. Because Roger Goodell is a coward. Because Roger Goodell is still scared to come to Foxboro. Because Roger Goodell doesn’t want to deal with me. That’s the only reason the Patriots aren’t playing tonight. It’s a disgrace. But it’s okay Roger. We were gonna fuck the Steelers in the ass tonight. We’ll fuck them in the ass Sunday Night instead.