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Props To This 83 Year-Old Grandma For Utilizing Tinder To Score Young Bucks Every Night

hattie date

Metro –  The 83-year-old isn’t looking for grandfather type matches. She wants younger men. ‘Younger men, they get off on getting a woman off – very different from when I was younger,’ Hattie explains. The New York-based mum-of-two and grandma is in tune with her body and sexuality. Missing the intimacy and embracing the casualness of modern dating, Hattie exclusively goes out with men many years her junior. ‘I screw, I sleep with, I make love with many men and not one of them has said, “I want you for my life”,’ she says.Hattie has a steady selection of casual lovers she connects with through dating apps such as Tinder. Since she began using the app eight months ago, she claims to have met close to 50 men.

Finally, an old person who knows how to use technology. Can’t imagine what it’s like for some of our senior citizens entering the new dating arena. Cue “A Whole New World.” Easily one of the best advancements over the years. No more walking up to a girl’s door and meeting her parents on the fucking 1st date, now we’ve gotten it down to swiping through a presented lineup. Speed dating without the whole human interaction part.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 10.39.11 AM

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 10.39.33 AM

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 10.39.40 AM


The Wilma Flinstone look in the last picture was an easy sell. Swipe right waiting to happen. And if her pictures didn’t do you justice, there’s also something called a bio on these apps that few guys ever get around to:

Hattie’s Tinder bio reads: ‘Hattie, 83, fascinating older beauty. Seeking a steady younger friend/lover for a shared life of adventure and passion. No pro-Trump and no players.’

Pretty straight and to the point marketing here. You either wanna get down with an old lady or you don’t. Maybe you’re open to the possibility, maybe you’ve already checked that off the list. Swipe in either direction.


 Hattie says that she is often referred to as a ‘cougar’ but is trying to reverse the negative preconceptions attached to the lifestyle. ‘Cougars, as I see them, are not beasts of prey, they are an exquisite animal,’ she says. ‘I’m never on the prowl. I never approach a man, men always approach me.’

Gotta love Hattie sticking up for cougars worldwide. About time someone took a stand. Can’t be a cougar if you’re the one getting prowled on. That’s just a fact.