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Lloyd Banks Tweeted Out A Very Very Sad Tweet Last Night

OOF. Young Pageviews texted that tweet to me late last night and a single tear streamed down my face as I read it.

This was me

That’s some seriously sad shit coming from my man Lloyd Banks. “Let’s be real…..ain’t nobody check for banks anymore” is a devastating string of words. Banks, a world renowned rapper nicknamed PLK for Punch Line King and the most lyrical member of the infamous G-Unit crew, doesn’t think people care about him or his music anymore. Unfortunately, he’s not totally wrong. The last song that really popped for Banks was ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’ and folks that song came out in 2010. Banks has put out a series of freestyles and mixtapes since that that, judging by the views, people were not checking for. I hate to say Lloyd Banks is right but he’s mostly right. He’s 37 years old and the hip hop landscape is much different.

However, if you go through the mentions under that tweet, people still have a lot of love for Lloyd Banks and there’s a decent amount of people who are in fact still checking for Banks. Over the years he’s amassed a diehard fan base who still want music from the man. Will it ever match the hype of going platinum, selling out arenas and being 1/3 (or 1/4 depending on Tony Yayo’s incarceration situation) of rap’s most-feared group? Nope. Those days are longgggggggg gone for Mr. Banks but that doesn’t mean he can’t still put out great music for his diehard fans. Chin up, Banks. Some of us still love you.

Better days