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At This Point Antonio Brown Is At Least A Low Level Batman Villain

I really thought AB was going to fall back and settle in after his long con to get paid for his new helmet wrapped up. Hand up. That’s on me as clearly I know nothing. At this point Antonio Brown is one of two things: a plague sent down by the football gods to punish the Raiders for leaving Oakland OR some sort of low-level Batman villain who doesn’t appear throughout the series often but when he does he’s a real thorn in Bruce Wayne’s side.

I could be easily convinced of either option, too. I understand the Raiders haven’t been tied to Oakland for the entirety of their franchise, but at the same time the Raiders ARE Oakland. Them moving to Vegas could very well be the beginnings of a curse, with AB being patient zero. On the surface a Hall of Fame wide receiver hit the market and a team with a surplus of draft capital acquired him to give him a raise. Nothing you can fault the Raiders for doing, and I’m certainly not mad at a player for trying to get his money. Shallowly below the surface of this ordeal has festered and gotten worse by the day to the point where a first year GM, fresh off of tv, is ready to engage in fisticuffs with an All Pro wide receiver. Which is why I’m leaning towards Batman villain. Someone like Man-Bat or Tally Man. Someone who pops up and you’re like “Wow, writers really mailed this week’s issue.” Batman still has to thwart that villain and put him in Arkham just like any Joker or Mr. Freeze, it just doesn’t get the people going. What I’m basically trying to say here is: I miss T.O. doing sit-ups in his driveway. The writers of the NFL were in their fucking bag that issue.