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Joanna Krupa Knows How To Party

Last time we saw Joanna Krupa partying, she was at her bachelorette party completely shitfaced pretending to stick little dick-lollipops in her pussy.




Well it looks like she’s stepped her game up to double sided blowjobs and showing off her rack for the cameras.

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And I, for one, could not be more thrilled about her taking the next steps in her career. Making that jump to the next level. Its like when you watch a nice player turn into a franchise cornerstone. Like she came up through the system and age 24, 25 was really showing some promise sticking lollipops in her P for the camera. Now she’s right in her prime at age 27 just absolutely dominating with the double sided dildo blowjob and the glittery tits in the camera. She’s at that perennial all star level.

Now, undoubtedly, as it always happens in baseball, 10 years from now she’ll be an absolute disaster. A haggard, old, washed up mess. Like the Arod’s and Pujols’ of the world who tricked their franchises into 10 year, 300 million dollar deals. Joanna Krupa deserves the Josh Hamilton treatment. High dollars per year, minimum years. Because she’s probably on the verge of a sex tape in the next couple seasons but after that she’s over the hill.

PS – I love how the brunette is like fake-blowing the pipe thing, and Krupa is just deepthroating the fuck out of it. A simple blow job simulation would have been fine but she’s like “Nah, I’ll just Heather Brooke this shit.”