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Gary Bettman Done Did It Again, Gets Inducted Into The US Hockey Hall Of Fame


This is quickly becoming one of my favorite annual traditions. Last year Gary Bettman was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and this year he’s getting his place into the US HHoF. Gary Bettman is essentially Michael Scott buying himself a “World’s Best Boss” mug at this point. Guy is just out here getting himself into any Hall of Fame he can. He figures that maybe if he ends up in enough Halls, he won’t get mercilessly booed every time he speaks in front of a crowd of hockey fans. It won’t help, but I love that he’s at least trying.

Now to be fair, Gary Bettman has done a lot for the growth of hockey in the United States. Obviously the biggest win for Bettman right now would be putting hockey in Arizona that eventually led to Auston Matthews being the #1 draft pick in 2016. Without the Coyotes, there’s no Auston Matthews in the NHL. Obviously putting hockey in the desert hasn’t really been much of a win financially, but it still got us Auston Matthews. And now with expansion in Vegas, there’s a chance for another Auston Matthews to show up in the league 10-15 years from now. So focusing on expanding in US markets has been great and everything but…

Well it’s just that Bettman is still a real son of a bitch for the whole “yeah no so the NHL isn’t going to send players to the Olympics anymore” thing. Real dick move on his behalf. I mean you look at how US hockey players have been able to close the gap between Canadian players and you realize that Team USA would have had a legitimate shot at finally winning another Olympic gold in 2018. But ol’ greasy Gary over there basically stole the ring right off our fingers? How would you feel?