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Texas DB's Wearing "There's Only One DBU" Shirts Ahead Of Game Against LSU

College football is the land of petty. Trash talk comes in many forms. Some do it in press conferences. Other's do it on social media. Texas defensive backs decided to do it in the form of a shirt before their game against Louisiana Tech.

LSU has long been known as DBU. Since 1965, 44 DB's have been drafted from LSU, the most of any college. If you close that gap to just 2010, 14 DB's from LSU have been drafted. The likes of Patrick Peterson, Tyron Mathieu, Morris Claiborne, Eric Reid, and Jalen Adams have came through LSU. Texas wearing these shirts is an obvious shot at LSU ahead of their game this Saturday in Austin.

This is ironic on many levels. One of which is Tom Herman's comments last year after the Horns Down debate, when he said Texas always handled themselves with class in "many situations:"

Wearing these shirts is not that big of a deal, but when you remember Tom Herman's comments in the past, it becomes hypocritical. Don't play the "we are classy" card and then go wear these shirts.

The second level of irony comes when you consider that only 6 Texas DB's drafted into the NFL since 2010. Of them, only 4 are on active rosters. That's much less than LSU's 14.

The third level of irony comes of the field. Since 2015, Texas ranks on YPA allowed (in descending order from 2018): 71st, 74th, 93rd, 77th. LSU's ranks? 8th, 25th, 19th, and 26th.

The fourth level of irony literally came in the game against Louisiana Tech:

You can't go around calling yourself DBU pregame and then pulling this against a CUSA team. It's just something you cannot do.

Saturday in Austin should be fun. LSU currently sits as a 5.5 point favorite. I'm big on LSU this weekend, however, I am a little bit scared off by Tom Herman's record as an underdog throughout his time as a head coach. He is 13-2-1 ATS in his last 16 as an underdog. That's a hell of a stat. I could easily see a 24-21 victory for LSU.