The Tallahassee Police Have Found The Stolen AEW Championship! OR HAVE THEY?!?!?!

All hell has broken loose! What the hell is happening?!

In case you missed it, it was reported yesterday that the AEW Championship had been stolen from Chris Jericho just days after he won the title at ‘All Out’…

Basically, he took the thing in a limo to Longhorn Steakhouse, left it in the back seat, and when he got picked up, it was gone! What an idiot!

I didn’t think it’d be long before that giant hunk of metal showed up, being it’s massive and labeled “AEW” very clearly, but I certainly didn’t expect it to show up…and immediately disappear. Did somebody just break in and beat homeboy for the title right in the precinct?! Are the police having so much fun with the belt that they’re keeping it?! ORRRRRRR did they get direction from somebody to be all “hush-hush” about the whole ordeal so that All Elite Wrestling can do what they do best, and turn this thing into a work?

In the words of my esteemed colleague Caleb Pressley: You tell me.

UPDATE: Guess not? I don’t know what is going on anymore.