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Nobody In The World Is Cockier Than Brazil's Hoops Coach Saying He Knew How To Stop Giannis 6 Months Ago And A '40 Year Old Kicked His Ass'

Hell yeah. Give me coaches (and Drazen Petrovic’s brother) calling out Giannis. This is why I love international hoops. People don’t give a shit who you are in the NBA or anything. This is now Giannis for Greece. And guess what? Petrovic knew how to shut him down for 6 months.

I’m guessing by that he meant, we’re going to sag and make him shoot from the outside since Giannis was just 3-for-7 yesterday. Oh and also the fact that Giannis can’t shoot from the outside yet. I mean, if that’s the key, then sure I figured out how to stop him 6 months ago too.

My favorite thing (outside of this happening the day after Greenie said Giannis was having world domination after 15 minutes of play against Montenegro) is Petrovic somewhat making fun of Garcia. Pretty rude to drop that he’s 40, when he’s very clearly 39. It really just shows what has been talked about for years.

Old man strength. That’s how Garcia kicked Giannis’ ass. That combo of dad/old man strength just lets you do what you want against an MVP. Just the cockiest statement ever though by Petrovic. Saying you knew how to stop him 6 months ago by having a 40 year old kick his ass is so disrespectful and I love it. International hoops has some of the most pure shit talking in the game and really, we need more of it.

Still can’t get over the game ending on what is essentially a blocked free throw