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I Have To Tip My Cap To This Guy That Dressed Up As A Cop And Raided A Drug Dealer To Steal His Marijuana And Crystal Meth

Newsweek – Daniel Thomas, 36, was sentenced Tuesday to 11½ years in prison for his role in a fake drug bust. According to police, Thomas and an accomplice dressed as officers, and burst into a Lilydale, Victoria, Australia home demanding drugs.

Thomas and an accomplice walked into an unlocked home in Lilydale — a suburb of Melbourne. The two yelled, “This is a police raid. Get on the floor face down. Where are your drugs?”

The two men in the house gave Thomas their marijuana and crystal methamphetamine, but Thomas believed there were more drugs to be had. Thomas then beat one of his victims with a hammer until the man lost consciousness.

Alright well I cannot condone someone getting beat with a hammer until they lose consciousness, but up until that point, I have to admit I kinda liked this Daniel Thomas fellow. Lots of people are probably are thinking that this is a “desperate times call for desperate measures” situation, but I disagree. I think this guy is a genius. This is the definition of work smarter, not harder.


You have to give credit where credit is due. This guy outsmarted the system. Anyone that has been in the drug game (or seen The Wire like me) knows that soldier on soldier crime can get very dangerous. Gunfire everywhere. But when the cops raid, the response is to usually either flea the scene or bend the knee. Much less dangerous.

And on top of that, this dude got another dealer to just hand over his stash of marijuana and crystal meth. But unfortunately, he had to proceed on and smash the dude’s head in with a hammer. All over some girl…

Thomas told the court that he had chosen his victims because one had been involved with his girlfriend.

God damnit. If could’ve just stopped before that, I really think he walks free in this one. Where’s the harm in what he did? I understand that impersonating an officer is frowned upon, but isn’t this all a part of the game? And wouldn’t you rather this guy rob from a dealer than from innocent people on the streets? I think 11.5 years for this is HARSH.

I’d keep an extra close eye on this one if I were prison security though. Not for anything dangerous, but he seems like the type of guy to outsmart the system. Maybe a tunneler like Andy Dufresne. Or a tactics and strategy man like Clyde Shelton. I just don’t think we’ve heard the last from this man…