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Dayton High School Football Player Disagreed With A Penalty So He Did The Cool, Calm And Collected Thing By Headbutting The Ref To A Different Zip Code

Well that’s a strong way to end your season, because there’s no chance this kid plays football for Dunbar again after this. I mean, this was the 12th penalty already for Dunbar, just an outrageous number. Needless to say this fella disagreed with the call. So he took matters in his own hand, err head, and just decided to end the game then and there. You headbutt a ref, game is over.

I’ll tell you what though and I don’t say this often. I have a ton of respect for this ref. He didn’t go down. He still threw a flag! He, to quote a line said a lot on this site, did his job. Damn impressive after you catch a helmet to the head unexpectedly. Takes a weird step and a bit of a stumble but my guy does not hit the ground. He wins this fight.

Just a little PSA: don’t go around headbutting refs. Just politely yell at them and be a smartass. That’s the proper way to do it.