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Leonardo DiCaprio And His Super Model Girlfriend Celebrated Labor Day By Playing Volleyball With A Bunch Of Peasants

Source - Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone are holding on to summer!

The Oscar-winning actor, 44, and his model girlfriend, 22, spent part of their Labor Day weekend engaging in a friendly game of volleyball on the beach in Malibu, California.

DiCaprio was dressed casually for the afternoon, in a gray t-shirt, khaki shorts, a baseball cap, and sunglasses, while Morrone opted for a string bikini top worn with a pair of low-waist jeans with ripped knees.

The couple’s Saturday game — four against four! 

Really? A volleyball game with regular people? That’s how you celebrate Labor Day, Leo? Not a yacht off the coast of Cannes or a nightclub filled with beautiful woman…a volleyball game? Okay. Maybe he’s finally growing up, becoming more mature. Every celebrity reaches a point in their life where they decide to integrate back into regular society. Maybe that’s what this is for Leo. The last step would be him dating a woman more than half his age. Although I’m not here to judge, I’m sure they have a fantastic relationship. She seems to be happy…

It’s like the old saying goes: couples that volleyball together, stay together. At least for a few years until one of them ages out of the system.

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Cheers to the happy couple!