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Cops Grinding With Dancers At The West Indian Day Parade Was Simply Beautiful To Watch

I imagine most cops are pissed when they find out they are on parade duty because it usually involves dealing with drunk assholes that look like me or trying to avoid stepping on horse shit. Serving the community is one thing. But serving a community of people marching in a line on some random holiday is quite another.

However, this member of New York’s Finest and this lovely West Indian dancer showed just how glorious a parade in Brooklyn can be when everyone is happy, dancing, and grinding their private parts together until a fire almost starts. That is the New York, the America, and the planet Earth I want to be a part of. A famous Brooklynite with West Indian blood in his veins once said “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way”. And I have to believe that Christopher Wallace was smiling down on his borough as police and civilians smiled together while proving once and for all that dance is indeed the universal language that can speak louder than words with an ass once again playing the role of the Rosetta Stone. I’m not saying police-civilian relations have thawed across the country let alone the city. But if that video didn’t at least turn the temperature up a few degrees in a good way, you either don’t have a pulse or you are the cop that steered as clear from dancing as the barrier would allow because he either stinks at dancing or caught a boner.