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Homeless Man Exposes Himself On The Staten Island Ferry, Complains About Gender Inequality

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. A homeless man exposed himself to a female Staten Island Ferry rider Thursday night, then complained to police about double standards between men and women, according to authorities. “These women wear skirts with no panties. I got arrested for masturbating in a stall,” said Solomon Marion, 37, who had been sentenced to 20 days in jail after getting busted for public lewdness off-Island this past May. Marion’s Ferry escapade wasn’t limited to a stall, though, as police tell it. Rather, he approached a 29-year-old woman sitting on the saloon deck of the Samuel I. Newhouse ferryboat at 9:20 p.m., police said. His pants were down, and when the woman looked up, she saw him holding his jacket above his waist, his genitals exposed, court papers allege.

Just more Double Standards from society holding men down. Chicks out there can get away with fucking murder. Never pay for any drinks. Never pay for dinner. Walking around with their pussies out in their skirt. No problem. Nobody cares.

But the minute a homeless man masturbates in a stall and exposes his cock on the Staten Island Ferry? Well then we’re getting arrested for public lewdness. Its just all part of the struggle that is being a man in the 21st century. Girls can walk around with their pussies exposed to the open air under their skirts but we can’t masturbate in pseudo-public places. Thats just the world we live in.