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The Lakers Dropped An Alex Caruso Mixtape To Prove A Balding White Dude Can Throw Down And It Became The Hottest Video On Twitter

Mixtapes in college basketball are not new. Every single person in high school basketball has one. Obviously some stick out more than ever – Seventh Woods and John Wall will arguably be the two best and most known mixtapes that people in the basketball world talk about. But then there’s this.

And we can be honest. This was put out to show that Alex Caruso, a balding white guy, is *ahem* sneaky athletic. Nearly every highlight is him with a surprise dunk. Hell, they even end the clip with LeBron confused as shit after Caruso throws down

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 6.57.37 AM

And you know what? It fucking was the hottest damn video on Twitter yesterday. Alex Caruso was trending nationally – as high as No. 2 at one point. It has over 55,000 likes. Sure, the Lakers are one of the more known franchises, but LeBron’s highlight tape is only at 23,000 likes.

Caruso has turned into a massive fan favorite for Lakers fans. The dude could play at Texas A&M, even if he was in college for 8 years. He was one of those dudes who could do a bit of everything and just piss you off. He then made his way up through the G League and signed a 2-year deal this offseason.

More importantly he’s out here breaking stereotypes. I just love that the Lakers are embracing it. No one can be surprised now when Caruso yams on someone. Just do me a favor, Alex and come on home. That hairline is atrocious and this is coming from someone with shitty hair. You gotta save that shit man.

Obligatory clip from White Men Can’t Jump (my favorite movie of all time)