Klay Thompson Seen Heckling Christian Yelich At Wrigley Field, Probably Wants On The Bulls

Listen everyone knows I’m dead right now. The Cubs scored 0 runs in their two most important home games of my life and I’m officially on my last legs of the 2019 season even tho I just said I’m dead. It’s like if I’m not on a full-on bender, the Cubs leave the bats in the trunk and it’s just dogshit baseball. I can only do so much as time continues to slip away, which is why I’m happy to report Klay Thompson to the Bulls:

You don’t sit front row and talk shit to my Mortal Enemy without wanting to be on the Bulls. He sees the opportunity. He wants a piece of the action

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Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.00.13 AMone more time for the kids in back

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.07.58 AMCountless celebs and notable people roll through Wrigley on a regular basis but almost none of them are trying to play for the Bulls as bad as Klay Thompson. Almost embarrassed for him because he’s trying so hard. Old Try Hard Klay at it again they’re saying. Doesn’t even care that his brother is one of the worst players in White Sox history. He doesn’t care about any of that. He wants that United Center glory so he’s dipping his little toe in the water. Just wants to see how much people in Chicago love him and spoiler alert anyone who saves the Bulls will get every fucking beef I can source.

Btw – Cubs have a game today. Sure would be nice if they showed up to play it.