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It's Okay Guys, Here's A Picture Of The Viper And The Mountain Hanging Out Being Friends


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 11.38.19 AM

It’s okay guys despite the SUPER SUPER  gruesome stuff that happened in last night’s episode of GOT, it’s all good.  The Viper and The Mountain are still best friends, just hanging out on set.  The Mountain being fucking massive and The Viper being cool as a cucumber.  Thumbs up.

Seriously though, how is The Mountain not in the NFL?  How bad could he have been that nobody picked him up?  I’m no scout but he is a giant and he showed some good quickness last night.  At the very least he should be on a practice squad somewhere.

PS- The only thing I’ll say about last night’s episode is it was one of those episodes where I just sit in silence as the credits roll and try to process what happened.  I believe the word we use around here to describe those last 10 minutes of the episode is BANANAS.