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What Is Your Favorite Josh Doctson Memory?

What was your favorite Josh Doctson memory? Was it when he was hurt every single day since the moment he was drafted? Was it the drop against Kansas City? Is it how he never had a 100 yard game? How he never got a single step of separation from a DB, ever, literally ever? Those are all good picks. But my favorite is when Gruden drew up 100 different fade passes in the end zone for him, and 1 of them worked, out of 100, and Gruden acted like he just re-invented football.

My other favorite memory is when I did this blog where I convinced myself Docstson was actually going to be good and I became his favorite fan. My hope was I would get the cosmos and the universe the planets all get so confused that through some sort of Freaky Friday-esque accident, Doctson would turn into Randy Moss.


It didn’t work.

I also just did the same thing for Ereck Flowers. 

So yeah. Docston will leave the Redskins as a big time first round bust. Never healthy, never showed he could dominate. But boy could he jump high in college. Man. He could really jump over those 5’9 corners in college.

I wish him the best of luck, obviously. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Seems like a nice enough dude. Another miss by the Redskins though.