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Dwayne Haskins Has Taken A Page Out Of Patrick Mahomes' Playbook And I Cannot Wait To See Him Back On The Field

It was an up and down preseason for our savior Dwayne Haskins. Considering he has played 1 season since high school, last year for Ohio State where in multiple games he only played the 1st half because of the lopsided score, I was very impressed with what I saw. His poise in the pocket, his cannon of an arm, his ability to move around and avoid taking hits, all of it. Very, very impressive. There was some bad too, obviously. Misguided throws, missed receivers, the normal growing pains. But I am enthused by what I saw. Inspired. Another example:


He learned that one from Patrick Mahomes

And one more:

Case Keenum is the starter, and rightfully so. But when it’s Haskins’ time, I think he will shine. I think we have something here. I need it. I need him to be the one who saves this franchise. My life depends on it. Ok maybe that’s aggressive but you know what I mean. Haskins needs to be the one who saves us. All in.