This Is The Most Electric Tennis Shot In US Open History And Tennis Clearly Needs More Of It

I didn’t know who Gaels Monfils was until a couple minutes ago and now he is my favorite tennis player of all time. Sorry Pete Sampras, there’s a new kid on the block and his name is Gaels. And why is he my favorite tennis player? Because that was AWESOME. It ain’t tough to be the most entertaining tennis player, to stand out among your peers, and he did it. All it took was a 360 and he immediately became the coolest cat on the court. Reminds me of this gif:

Here we are going nuts because a guy simply did a 360 before hitting a shot. It’s like he literally invented the slam dunk. But guess what? Now tennis needs more of it. Don’t give me a sample and expect me not to want the whole thing, and all of the time. It should be a requirement a tennis player does at least 3 cool things per match. Mix in one of those sly between the legs shots


Or fuck em up with an underhand serve, that’s my favorite

Or even a simple fadeaway followed by a cocky wave.

But now it is time- make tennis fun again.