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Two Emotional Picks You Must Take Tonight

The WNBA 1st half overs are no secret anymore. I think the entire world is on these and I hope for all of us this doesn’t blow up in our faces. Just take it and we will all have some glory together.


UCLA @ Cincy -2.5

I am very excited I get to watch some real football tonight and when I saw this news I never went faster to put this bet in. I have been going over this game all day and I know exactly what to pick now. The live bearcat mascot for Cincy is retiring tonight. The sad news will jolt this team to victory and I have more important questions. How the fuck does an animal retire, when do you know he wants out? Who knows but you just have to take Cincy.

 Pick Cincy -2.5 

Extra –

FIU +3 (Sad news came out from their team in July that there starting cornerback passed away so it will be an emotional game for them. Wishing all the best to the family)