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Alex Trebek's Chemotherapy Treatments Are Over And He Is Already Back On The Jeopardy Set Taping Next Season

CNN- Alex Trebek is back at work taping the new season of “Jeopardy!,” five months after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In a new video for “Jeopardy!” viewers, Trebek said his chemotherapy treatments are “over” and he’s “on the mend. A spokeswoman for the show confirmed that production of season 36 is now underway. The new episodes are slated to begin airing on local TV stations on September 9.

Look at my guy the Gameshow GOAT casually making his return behind the podium for yet another year of greatness. I mean seriously, rewatch that video and try to process that the person talking is

A. 79 years old
B. Just underwent chemotherapy to battle one of the most devastating forms of cancer out there
C. Already back at work despite being a millionaire

If simply one of those fact were true about me, I would probably spend the rest of my time on Earth enjoying the fuck out of life and my millions of dollars. But I’m not Alex Trebek, who was already a legend and unofficial family member to millions of viewers for years but somehow one-upped himself yet again being a #hockeytough Canuck and continuing to grind away for the love of the game as well as the fans that overloaded him with support during his chemo. It goes without saying, but I cannot wait to watch people to answer in the form of a question to Alex because there was a time we didn’t know if that would happen again.

Also not for nothing, but how about Jeopardy Jason falling ass backwards into a rare Trebek shout out just because he ended the season as the champ. Guy got as much love as Big Brain James, who had the entire country talking about Jeopardy as the host battled some of his darkest days, simply because he was the last guy to win? For shame! But this is no time for negativity because as the wise poet Jay-Z once said in song form, the ruler’s back.

As always, #FuckCancer