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Kevin Spacey Congratulates Tony Scott On Winning the Masters

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Gotta love celebrities congratulating people for something they clearly didn’t watch or care about. Getting called the wrong name in front of everyone has to be one of the worst feelings ever. Still, I respect that Spacey hasn’t deleted the tweet. Just letting it all hang out there while his followers respond and retweet all confused with the, “You mean Adam? I think you mean Adam.” Sorry Adam. Your new name is Tony because House of Cards said so.


Love it. Celebrities are the best.   Listen I fuck up names all the time. That’s my thing.   I have a mental block against it.  But having said that if you watched the Masters it’s literally impossible to screw up Adam Scott’s name.   Like he was on TV for 4 straight hours.  So there is no chance Spacey watched this or cares about.  Just felt like he needed to be a man of the people.   Keyser Soze just doing the damn thing.