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Kevin Durant's Rehab Consisting Of Chicks In Thongs Doing Yoga On A Yacht And An Instagram Model Helping You Out Seems Not Too Shabby

Wait, this is rehab? I always assumed rehab would be sitting in some boring ass doctor’s office and having your legs and feet twisted all different ways. This is way different. Don’t get me wrong, destroying your Achilles is miserable. It has to be the worst injury, at least if I had to guess.

But this? Having this IG model be the one to help you through rehab?



Well that makes rehab sound a bit more interesting. I have no idea why there’s so many people on this yacht but Durant just sitting there watching all these attractive women jump into the body of water just makes me laugh.

I’m even more mad the Knicks didn’t sign Durant now. This is 100% guaranteeing a way back from an Achilles injury. I’ve never been so sure of it. You don’t have this sort of confidence unless you’re coming back like the All-NBA player you were before.

That yacht seems fun though.