Could The Sixers Finally Give Carmelo Anthony That Elusive NBA Championship He's Been Searching For?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Philadelphia 76ers

Why yes. Yes they absolutely could.

Bring him in. Let him help Ben with his shot. It’ll give Embiid a new friend to fuck around with. He barely has to play. And it sure beats the hell out of signing Spencer Hawes for absolutely no reason at all. And you know what? I have a feeling that the Basketball Gods will reward the Sixers if they take a chance on Melo. The fact that LeBron left Melo out there to dry this summer only further solidifies my belief that bringing Carmelo Anthony to Philly wouldn’t be a complete and total disaster.

Plus I’m sure that Brett Brown would love having somebody else in town who could take most of the blame if the wheels start to fall off at any point this season. Fuck it. Let’s get crazy. Do the damn thing.