The Wheelchair Dude Just Casually Flipping WBZ The Bird Is My Favorite Dude In the Marathon



Love this dude.   Unlike 99% of people who compete in the marathon he’s not doing it so can get his picture in National Geographic.  He’s just out there to challenge himself and wants nothing to do with the cameras. And speaking of the wheelchair race how about the Marathon committee making the handicap people go slow in the beginning so they don’t get too much speed on the slight downhill and crash?  Apparently there was a dustup like 15 years ago or something?   How demeaning is that?  I mean I’m no expert on handicapped people, but I’m pretty sure they want to be treated as real competitors.  They don’t want to be coddled and treated like cripples. “Like sorry guys we can’t let you go too fast because you guys are invalids and we need to protect you.”  Aren’t these guys world class athletes?  It’s so hypocritical.  If they crash they crash.