Barstool's Favorite Basketball Player RJ Hampton Says His Game Is A Mix Of Steph And LeBron, So, Yeah, Give The Breakers The Title Now

[Source] - Who do you pattern your game after?
That’s a tough one. There’s a lot of people I pattern my game after. I take bits pieces from a lot of people, but probably Steph Curry. Just the way he moves without the ball, the way he can get open when people are guarding him, face guarding him, holding him, grabbing him. And then probably LeBron [James], that’s another one. Just the way he can just read a defense so easily. I feel like the game is really in slow motion for him sometimes.

I love it. I’ve never been more invested in a kid deciding to go play overseas instead of college like I am with RJ Hampton. Sure, it could be perhaps the Breakers have the Barstool logo on the jersey. Sure, it could be perhaps someone like Big Cat and PFT having part ownership. But also because he’s a top-5 talent. This dude could have played anywhere in the country.

Because of all that I made a promise when he announced – that you’d be able to catch all your RJ Hampton news here. He’s the guy that all of Barstool fans should be cheering for.


And now we have him giving interviews and having him explain to the people what his game is like. Oh just a little mix of Steph Curry and LeBron James? Well last time I checked those are two pretty, pretty good guys to have a mix of games from – assuming he’s only talking about on the court LeBron.

Don’t believe him? Here’s some highlights of Hampton

The dude is going to end up going top-5 in next year’s draft. He’s one of those guys that it just doesn’t matter that he’s not playing college. Throw him we’ll get him vs LaMelo Ball (who is another top-5 talent guy) in the NBL and it’s going to be awesome to catch some of these games when you can.

All I’m going to say is with him being part LeBron, part Steph just go ahead and hand the Breakers the title now. I have no idea what the odds are, but they better be the favorites. And more importantly, good for Big Cat. We know he won’t see a championship from the Badgers, so getting to see one from the Breakers is a nice consolation.

I’ll never get over seeing the Barstool logo on the jersey with RJ Hampton. What a goddamn world we live in