Shaq Finding A Way To Fit Into This Smart Car Makes No Goddamn Sense

It’s not every day you see something that breaks your brain, but watching Shaq find a way to comfortably fit into this Smartcar with ease is one of those moments. He got into that bad boy with more ease than we see Marty get into his much bigger sedan


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Shaq figure out how to get his gigantic body in small cars. Remember way back when on his MTV Cribs episode when he crawled into his 355 convertible Spider? He called it a forever convertible because he had to cut the top off just to be able to fit


He talks all the time about how he’s a rare breed of 7 footer who can fit into sports cars, but that Smartcar is an entirely different beast. God forbid he gets into any sort of accident because if that happens we’re probably saying goodbye to the Big Diesel. Shaq is fascinating for a wide variety of reasons, but somewhere on that list has to be how he can shape shift his gigantic body to fit into these tiny ass cars.

Watching this short video reminded me of a time back when I was in high school and I worked at the Clark University basketball camp. There was a counselor there named Neil Fingleton who was a Worcester legend and a 7’5 monster that played for UNC and Holy Cross.

He also was a giant on Game of Thrones which was pretty cool


Well when we worked together at Clark I learned he had to take the front seat out of his car and drive while sitting in the back. At the time I hadn’t seen anything like that but it’s what you would expect from these absolute giants. To my brain that is what Shaq should be forced to do, yet he never has to.

After seeing this from Shaq, we need to continue this idea. Let’s get him into a Fiat 500, a Chevy Spark or a Mitsubishi Mirage. I didn’t know I needed to see Shaq squeeze his way into tiny cars but now that I’ve experienced it I need more of it.