Chicks Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests On Craigslist Is The Most Diabolical Thing Broads Have Ever Come Up With

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(CNN) — They say you can buy everything on the Internet. The latest, uh, must-have appears to be positive pregnancy test results. Women across the country are selling — and buying — them on Craigslist. One post from Buffalo, New York, sums up the appeal for potential shoppers: “Wanna get your boyfriend to finally pop the question? Play a trick on Mom, Dad or one of your friends? I really don’t care what you use it for.” That particular test was going for the reasonable rate of $25 dollars. The tests in Texas seem to be slightly more expensive, at $30 a pop. CNN responded to several ads across the country asking for comment, but received no response. Then again, the sellers probably weren’t expecting to have to explain the sale of what basically amounts to a urine sample to a reporter. “Need a positive pregnancy test? Serious inquiries only!” said one Atlanta ad, begging the question, how many false leads could one person possibly be getting for this offer? Another ad reassures buyers conscious of name brands, “This will NOT be a dollar store test. Will be either Clearblue First Response or EPT.” Most ads found by CNN ended the same way, with sellers assuring potential customers “It isn’t my business what you choose to use it for.”

This is why you always watch. I don’t care how gross it is. You watch her pee on that stick. Because chicks are so manipulative and so trifling this is the kinda of stunts they’ll pull to get their way. You’re trying to dump a chick so she reels you back in with a fake pregnancy. Trying to corner you into giving her that ring so she buys a positive pee stick off the internet. Just fucking diabolical.

Ladies, you gotta understand – getting a girl knocked up is probably the worst thing that can possibly happen to a dude. Like you’re the ones that gotta get fat and walk around with the baby inside you, and I still think its worse for us. Because it absolutely marks the end of your life once you have kids. Chicks on some level will always like it because of maternal instincts and shit. Guys look at a baby and just see this little fucker that is going to drain all his money and all his freedom for the rest of his life. I’d rather be that guy from yesterday tricked into thinking he had AIDS than be tricked into thinking I got a baby on the way.


You wanna not get dumped or convince your boyfriend to propose? May I suggest your first problem is that you’re a psychopath considering buying another woman’s pee stick to trick your man into an eternity together? Maybe drop those type of habits and he may actually want to date or marry you? Clean up your act and maybe he’d willingly pro create with you? Fucking chicks man. You’re all fucking lunatics.

PS – Just joking about rather being the AIDS guy. I think.