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The Physics Behind This Rhys Hoskins RBI Should Only Be Possible In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Pittsburgh Pirates  v Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are a men’s professional baseball team. Sometimes they are good at baseball. Sometimes they are bad at baseball. Other times they completely defy the laws of physics, gravity, and everything else you’ve ever known about life on Earth. Last night was one of those nights when Rhys Hoskins and his new fuggin’ haircut walked up to the plate and smacked an RBI double that ended up grinding along the fence in a way that is typically only possible in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Wall grind to a backside tailslide, kickflip on the way off the rail. That’s a nice little combo there from Rhys. Not sure if he was just button mashing or not, and it definitely looks like he put on the perfect balance cheat. But still. Combos like that are how you set high scores.

And it’s all thanks to his new haircut.


Think about it. If Rhys went into last night’s game with the same mop he’s had, there would be just a little extra weight behind that swing. That extra bit of power would have been all it took for that ball to bounce the other way and end up as an automatic double and Harper would have had to hold up at 3rd. But his barber took just enough off the top for that ball to perfectly ride the rail and hop back down into play. Mandatory haircuts in the city of Philadelphia until the World Series is wrapped up.