Wake Up With Jim Abbott's One-Handed No-Hitter
This is one of the more remarkable stories in all of baseball history, Jim Abbott, born with one-hand, throwing a no-hitter against the Indians in 1993. Obviously the game of baseball is hard with 2 hands, now imagine trying to play with just one, let alone pitch. He was born without his right hand so he would balance the glove on that arm, throw with his left, and then simply put the glove on before the ball was hit. Don't ask me how to do it, I can barely catch and throw with 2 hands, this guy was out here pitching for years in the majors. Insanely impressive all around, not just the fact that the team he no-hit had Manny Ramirez, Albert Belle, Jim Thome, and Kenny Lofton. It was far from a perfect game due to the 5 walks by Abbott, and he only struck out 3, so it wasn't close to a dominating start, but it didn't matter, no one could touch him this day. It's really cool anytime throws a no-no, it's even cooler when a guy like this can overcome everything that life throws at him. It honestly looks like his teammates and managers were more excited for the no-hitter than he was. What an awesome moment.