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Joe Johnson Is On The Verge Of History Parlaying His Big 3 Performance Into Actual NBA Tryouts

BIG3 - Playoffs

Well that didn’t take very long! Just yesterday I blogged about how Big 3 MVP Joe Johnson at the very least had earned himself a workout with NBA teams

and would you look at that, five teams are going to be bringing him in for a look. For those counting at home, that’s exactly five more teams than what Melo has been able to convince to bring him in for a workout. He’s still probably a long shot to even get a camp invite because there’s definitely a difference between giving a 400 pound Big Baby the business to real active NBA players, but I am 100% rooting for Iso Joe. I don’t know how you couldn’t be after watching his Big 3 performance.

Now if I had to power rank all of these teams that are willing to give Joe Johnson a look, it shakes out like this

1. Clippers

2. Nuggets

3. Pelicans

4. Bucks

5. Sixers

As we know, the Sixers are so obsessed with signing former Celtics that they’ll probably be the ones that actually offer him a contract. They could certainly use the wing depth, but I’m hoping it’s the Clippers. Paul George could be out the first handful of weeks to start the season, they are going to be giving Kawhi all the load management he wants, there’s minutes to be had there.  If Iso Joe is going to be coming back to the NBA I want him to be on a team that has a legit chance at winning a title. Plus, Doc Rivers LOVES bringing in guys that used to torch his old teams, and Johnson fits that description as well.

If he is able to actually make an NBA roster based off his Big 3 performance, that is a gigantic win for that league. People are already starting to take the Big 3 more seriously, but if it proves to be a way to actually get these dudes back in the league, not only are we going to see more awesome players sign up to participate, but it gives it another boost in credibility. Pretty crazy what Ice Cube has been able to build and Iso Joe is about to take it to another level.