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The New 'Joker' Trailer Has Arrived & I'm Finally Buying Into The Hype Now


For months, we’ve been hearing rave reviews about the new Todd Phillips/Joaquin Phoenix Rated-R ‘JOKER’ film. Festivals can’t stop talking about how many Academy Awards it’s gonna win, Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is being heralded as nothing short of masterful, and its unique marketing campaign has really helped in achieving the impossible – convincing the world a movie made under DC Studios will be great in 2019. I haven’t really known how to feel about this flick.

On one hand, Batman is my favorite character in all of literature/media, ‘The Dark Knight’ is my favorite movie of all time, and there’s never been a Joker performance I didn’t enjoy (Jared Leto’s included!), but on the other…I didn’t wanna get my hopes up too high! I mean, some of the shit said about this movie has just been crazy! I think it’s ‘Best Picture’ or bust for Jeff D Lowe! Plus, I’ve long said that The Joker isn’t a character who should have his own solo film. He’s a weather system. He comes in, wreaks havoc, and leaves, but not before implanting the fear of his inevitable return. That’s who he is. We don’t know where he came from, why he’s here now, or when he’ll be back, and we don’t need to.

I’m here to eat crow and admit that I was wrong, however, because after the most recent ‘JOKER’ trailer, it’s apparent that the creative minds at work behind this film know much better than I. That was…with no exaggeration, a perfectly put together trailer. I could not possibly be more excited for this movie, I don’t really know the plot of it or any major details/twists, and I’ll now spend the next month and a half or so dissecting the shit out of that two minutes and twenty four seconds trying to find out more!

Joaquin looks to live up to all the hype, even just in the trailer alone, and while getting a glimpse at the Clown Prince of Crime’s backstory felt weird – even as a huge ‘Killing Joke’ fan – I very much got the vibe that the character is in good hands, especially with De Niro signing on.

So you got me, Warner Brothers. I’m in. And I’m fucking stoked.

P.S. I loooove this color scheme. Shoutout to Jack Nicholson.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 12.14.05 PM