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Pete Sheppard Quits On Air And Trashes WEEI on the Way Out


BostonSporstMediaThere is certainly no shortage of news coming out of WEEI these days.  At the end of his shift, Pete Sheppard announced he was quitting the station, saying that he couldn’t do it anymore, he couldn’t stand working for the company anymore. He said that he was upset at how things had been going at the station over the last 18 months, and that it wasn’t Jason Wolfe’s fault, but those above him. (Jeff Brown in particular) He said they would not even take his calls, and that he is going out on his own terms – unlike the last time he left the station. I suspect Sheppard will not be the only person departing (of their own volition or not ) the station in the near future.

You want to hear something crazy? I think I’m getting sick of dancing on WEEI’s grave. I mean it was fun the first 20 times somebody got fired or quit on air, but at this point it’s just getting old. Big O gets fired. Kevin Winter gets fired after 3 minutes with the station. Jon Rish quits. Now Pete Sheppard quits live on the air and rips them a new asshole on the way out. Basically saying what everybody already knows. The station is going to hell in a hand basket. Like how many times can I make fun of them? It’s like being up 56 -0 in the 4th quarter and going for 2. Oh well. I guess Jason Wolfe made his bed. Now he has to sleep in it. Stool 58 – Jason Wolfe 0.