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Comparison Shows Brady is Better Than Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck COMBINED


Remember those days when we used to talk about the “rivalry” between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? Remember how there was a discussion about which was better? Remember when Andrew Luck came along and the hot debate was whether you’d trade the 36-year-old Brady for the 24-year-old Luck? And how everyone launched into these hypotheticals about who’d give you a better chance to win over the next five years like medieval monks arguing how many angels could dance on the head of a pin?

Yeah, about that.

I’ve got to give credit to the underpaid nerds working in the SportsCenter sweatshop down in Bristol for coming up with this. I’m sure it was like poison in their eyes to see the finished product of their research and learn that not only is Brady better than either Manning or Luck, he’s better than both of them put together. Like if you put Peyton’s career on Luck’s career’s shoulders underneath a big trenchcoat to pass them off as one person like Austin Powers and Mini Me, they still wouldn’t add up to one TB12 career.

Not even if you split Brady’s career in two, like CBS Sports did:

Brady career

And bear in mind, those Passer Ratings in the Manning/Luck comparison are just regular season numbers. If you stick strictly to postseason production, Brady has lapped the field.

Passing Yards: He’s got almost 4,000 more than No. 2 Manning, and almost double Brett Favre and Joe Montana’s totals.

Completions: He has 1,005. Manning is 2nd with 649.

Touchdown Passes: He’s got 73 to Montana’s 45.

Wins: Brady has 30. Montana is No. 2 with 16.

And – it needs to be said – counting.

It’s no wonder Bill Polian said he had a 1st round draft grade on Brady in the draft. But they decided to take DT Josh Williams at 122 and G Matt Johnson at 138 instead. Because why waste a pick in the 6th round on a 1st round talent just to have him stand on the sidelines wearing a Starter hat while being paid the NFL minimum? Polian had Peyton. He had Mark Rypien. Why have the guy who’ll rewrite the NFL record book around too? It was a much better plan to wait until Manning needed neck surgery, then tank an entire season to get those six seasons of Luck.

Now I guess the thing we all have to look forward to watching them tank again and draft a franchise quarterback again. So some day down the road we can prove Brady is better than Manning, Luck and Tua Tagovailoa put together.