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You Do NOT Want To Get Into A Fist Fight With Big, Bad Bernie "The Enforcer" Sanders

Last week we saw Bernie Sanders absolutely raking dingers at a charity softball game, as well as casually throwing a perfect game. And now it looks like big bad Bernie Sanders is taking his talents from the baseball diamond over to the boxing ring. And good lord. If it were up to Bernie Sanders, there wouldn’t be any need for nuclear weapons. The only bombs the US Military would be dropping would be his right and left fists.

Now I know a lot of people are going to watch this video and they’re going to think that Bernie Sanders almost got his ass kicked by a speed bag. And I can understand how you would see it that way. But the age old saying is “everybody has a plan until they get hit”. Bernie Sanders just needed to get tagged real quick before he could even consider it to be a real fight. Most people would have just curled up in the fetal position and throw in the towel. But what happened next? Bern Dawg got right back in there and just like his politics, my man decided to go hard with the lefts. He started throwing southpaw like Rocky, went for the kill, goodnight Jim Kyte. Head body! Head body! Head body!


I mean how are you supposed to beat a guy who simply won’t quit?