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Bud Light Is Selling Their Browns "Victory Fridges" To The People Of Cleveland For Two Days Only And I NEED ONE

So I know it seems like a million years ago because of how things have completely changed in Cleveland, but just last season the Browns were in search of their first win in damn near two years. Bud Light decided to put several fully stocked beer fridges around the city, locked until the Browns got their first win. Well, 635 days later, those fridges were unlocked as the city of Cleveland drank in a 21-17 Thursday Night Football victory over the Jets. And from that night forward, Baker Mayfield was the starting quarterback for the Browns. Top 5 night in city history?

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns New York Jets v Cleveland Browns

Anyways, as great as that night was, it was sad to see the beer fridges go. The anticipation surrounding them generated a hype unlike I'd ever seen. What a genius marketing move by Bud Light. And while they obviously can't do the same ploy this year because the Browns are expected to win so many games this season, they're still back at it again, this time teaming up with The Miz to provide the people of Cleveland what they really want: their very own Browns victory fridge.

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What a site to see. The old school orange suit. The Bud Light Knight. And the logo of the future AFC North Champions. They should sell these as posters.

So it looks like these fridges are only on sale for two days at a fake appliance superstore in downtown Cleveland. It's actually a vacant store front that they're using for a couple days (1 pm to 9 pm), only selling the fridges. For those of our readers in Cleveland, here's how you can get one:

B.L. + Browns Appliance Store

Fridges are being sold in different sizes, ranging from $199 to $599. I'm not sure which one I'm going to get. Part of me thinks that it'd be cool to have a nice mini fridge for beers during the games, but the other part of me thinks it might be cool to have a full sized Browns fridge for every day use. Oh yeah, and Bud Light is giving out codes with each purchase to fully stock each fridge with beer.


I might turn mine into a Super Bowl fridge. Lock it until the Browns get a ring. But do you think the beer still be good in February?