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Mayor Menino Falls Down And Breaks His Leg (This Is Not A Repeat of A Repeat of A Repeat of A Repeat)


WCVB – City Hall spokeswoman Dot Joyce said Menino is in the hospital after fracturing his fibula, a bone in the lower part of the leg. Menino was entering an event at the Joseph Lee Elementary School in Dorchester on Friday when he twisted his ankle and broke his leg. Joyce said after the fall, Menino iced his lower leg, but the ankle got progressively worse and became quite swollen. That’s when he called his doctor, who told him to go in for X-rays, which revealed the fractured fibula. Menino is expected to undergo surgery on Saturday.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.  Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.   Listen I’m not going to pile on the old partially retarded guy anymore. Enough is enough. All I will say is that as your next Mayor I promise not to keep falling down and breaking my body and spending the majority of my time laid up in a hospital bed rather than serving the people. I will be a healthy, vibrant, exuberant,  upright model of success for the citizens of Boston to draw inspiration from.. Sure I may have a minor heart attack time from time but I think I already proved nobody bounces back from cardiac arrest like the Pres. That is my promise to you.  El Prez 4 El Mayor.

PS – Seriously though you got to love the people saying I’m not qualified to be Mayor. Umm the current guy literally can’t stand up or talk. I think I’ll be okay.